Welcome to Hope and Change


 By Sean Waldron

I take issue with Greg Crosby’s opinion column “Welcome to the Obamanation” (March 24, 2010).
Mr. Crosby’s comments that America is now in “MOURNING” because a health care bill was passed to help the people of this country afford medical insurance is absurd. Mr. Crosby’s piece states that “We now have government-controlled socialized med-icine,” and that “…we will have less personal freedom and more government control” and that “it is a fact.” However, not one person has lost their private insurance, not one hospital (except the VA hospitals) is owned by the federal government, and not one doctor (except the VA) is on the government’s payroll. These are facts. This is not socialized medicine. Mr. Crosby’s statements are simply mongering fear that Americans will now have less personal freedom.
Mr. Crosby quotes from The Wall Street Journal (now owned by FOX News founder Rupert Murdoch) that “Congress was ramming the vote through against popular opposition. There will be a shortage of doctors and (less) quality of care.” In fact, there is no reason to believe as Mr. Crosby suggests that there will be less quality care and a shortage of doctors. Obama was elected on a health care agenda; he has fulfilled his promise to the American people to bring about health care reform.
Mr. Crosby quotes from Abraham Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address: “We are a government of the people and by the people.” He leaves out “and for the people.” He goes on to state: “There’s nothing wrong in that as long as the people are well informed, hard working, principled and religious,” but exaggerations, half truths and outright lies do not make a well informed public.
Governments have always used religion to control the masses, to pit one religion against the other. The Founding Fathers were wise enough to suggest we keep religion out of politics.
Mr. Crosby also states “Uphold the Golden Rule…For Socialist, Marxists, and others who believe in the communistic way, this change in America is cause for celebration.” To spread fear that this country is moving towards communism caters to the same scary people who bring guns to political rallies, who call congressional leaders racial names, make death threats, throw bricks through Democratic office windows, and spit in the face of our African-American and Hispanic legislators. These are the same people who shout down those who try to be educated, who laugh in the face of children that have lost a parent to cancer because their health insurance denied the treatment for their survival. The majority of Americans have become enlightened; they now see that The Tea Party is controlled by the Mad Hatter.
For Mr. Crosby to compare our President to a communist who is turning our country towards “Soviet-style government in every way” is disrespectful and again the hard bullet point of fear and lies. I pray that our president remain safe in the wake of those in the media who promote his destruction with references such as “Target… Eliminate… Take aim… He’s a Communist…He’s not an American…A Nazi…An Arab…He’s destroying America…I want my country back!…Bring your guns.”
Mr. Crosby writes, “Believers in God founded the United States. Atheists founded Nazi Germany.” Hitler was a Catholic who believed in God, until he saw himself as God.
When the Nazis brought the Jews to their Gestapo headquarters, they had to walk under a large red sign that stated, “He who serves Hitler serves Germany. He who serves Germany serves God.”

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