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Reading the newspaper this week (which is fast becoming something of a novelty in itself for most Americans) I ran across several articles that I’d like to share with you. I like to think that I’m actually performing a little civic service in this way. I know sometimes our busy lives can become quite hectic, what with the new school year just beginning, early Halloween shopping, and Dancing with the Stars starting a new season, you may not have had the time to keep up with current events. Here are a few you might have missed.

Remember the thieving politicians from the little city of Bell who were found to be stealing public money through bloated salaries and pension plans for themselves? Well, they were arrested and taken to jail in handcuffs this past week, all eight of them from the mayor on down. L.A. County District Attorney Steve Cooley called what they did “corruption on steroids.” This story has been reported on for many weeks now, ever since it was brought to light by the Los Angeles Times. I wrote about it myself back in early August.

But get this: up to this point every major news outlet that has reported on the story has left out the fact that all eight of the individuals arrested were Democrats! ABC, CBS, Los Angeles Times, the Associated Press, Bloomberg, USA Today, MSNBC, NPR, and the San Francisco Chronicle all reported on the arrest story without mentioning party affiliations of the crooks.

If these eight crooks had been Republicans, do you think the media might have mentioned that little fact? Oh, maybe not more than every single chance they got. I love the fair and balanced media.

In other news, I saw two short articles on separate pages of the paper this week-end. One story took place in Los Angeles with the headline, “Several shot, stabbed after birthday party.” The other unrelated article three pages over had the headline: “Man rejected by partygoers shoots five, kills 1 in N.J.” What are they giving out as party favors these days, Glocks? In the old days people went to a party and maybe got a little bombed; now they’re getting shot. Invited to a party? Better stay home, I think.

Moving along to the People’s Republic of San Francisco, there is a proposed new law which would ban toy giveaways with fast-food meals. The proposal would make it illegal for kids’ meals to come with toys if the meals exceed limits on calories, fat, sugar, and salt. It would also require meals to include a half-cup of fruit and three-quarters of a cup of vegetables. No more toys in the McDonald Happy Meals? Leave it to the progressives to make sure kids don’t actually have any fun at all.

I know, I know, they just want to make us all very healthy. Well, excuse me, but its none of the government’s business, or shouldn’t be, what people are eating. Parents are the ones who should decide on what their kids eat, what their kids read, what their kids watch, and what their kids worship – not Big Brother government.

I couldn’t wait to find my toy surprise in the box of Cracker Jack and in the boxes of breakfast cereals. And that was just last week. But now the government wants to make it against the law. They want to force kids to eat carrots. As a kid I ate carrots, and I ate Cracker Jack. How much of each one I consumed at any given time was up to my parents, not the government.

This is just one of the latest dietary restrictions happening all over the country. You may have heard about a proposed law that would have banned cooking with salt in New York restaurants. The law, proposed in March, did not pass…this time.

In bad financial times like these one takes enjoyment where one can afford it. Most of us can’t afford to buy hundred dollar tickets to pro basketball games. Lots of us can’t afford Broadway shows. Even a night at the movies for a family of four can be an enormous expense. Having an order of French fries or a cookie is a small pleasure. I’m not saying you eat them at every meal, like all things moderation is the key.

Here’s the deal – after government fixes our economy, secures our borders, and cuts back on wasteful spending, then we can talk about my Happy Meal toy.

Now to end on a happy note, my wife and I saw the Reprise production of They’re Playing Our Song at the Freud UCLA theater, and what a delight! We had seen the original way back in 1979 and loved it. This one stars Jason Alexander, and he’s terrific. If you have a chance to see it, by all means do. You’ll walk out singing!

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