What Does Spiritual Community Mean to You?


By Rev. Pam

Rev. Pam MacGregor, Pas-tor/Director of the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles.

At the Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles (SOMSCLA), we thrive on community. Our mission is Making the world a better place spirit to spirit! ®

As we look at what community means to us, we are given the opportunity to understand who we are and why we are here. We are all part of one Divine Family, and each of us is a unique, individualized expression of the Divine.

We are destined to share our lives and to help one another. We do not live unto ourselves; rather, we are strengthened by each other’s presence. We long for fellowship and we get that through our relationships with others.

Each of us is a Spiritual Being having a Human Experience and we honor and respect each individual’s journey. The human experience is rich and meaningful and deeply enhanced when realized by spiritually motivated actions. Our Center offers support and spiritual understanding as one travels the path of self-discovery. The most important revelation is that this journey gives us a purpose for being and a way and means for creative self-expression.

It takes a dedicated group of people to make a conscious difference in the world. There is no particular map for the journey. A deep desire and intention to be a force for positive change in the world is the best way to begin. SOMSC-LA invites you to consider joining us in the fulfillment of this important mission.

The Science of Mind Spiritual Center Los Angeles Sunday Service is at 10:30 a.m. at The Colony Theatre located at 555 N. Third St. in Burbank.

For more information, visit somspiritualcenterla.org, call (818) 901-7600, or email office@somspiritualcenterla.org.


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