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There are loads of things the government doesn’t want to let the citizens know about, you can go down the list beginning with privacy surveillance, IRS targeting for political reasons, and secret international deals made with foreign enemies. But of all the hidden agenda items, secrets, and lies, the one thing that bothers me most is this reluctance of the Obama administration to use the words “terrorist” and “terrorism” to describe our nation’s biggest enemy threat today.

Even when there are obvious terrorist attacks, (as in the case of Fort Hood) the government purposely avoids the terrorist label, calling the action anything else but. Is this government political correctness? Who knows, it’s anybody’s guess. My own opinion is that the Obama administration is attempting to deflect anything that puts radical Islam in a bad light. From the beginning of Obama’s reign he has sought to cozy up to America’s enemies, the people who want to see us dead. He put a halt to the phrase, “War on Terror.” Obama tried to deflect the blame from Islamic terrorists for the murder of our Libyan Ambassador and three other Americans in Benghazi, putting out the lie that it was caused by a spontaneous riot sparked by a YouTube video.

When the government refuses to call terrorism what it is, it endangers the lives of all of us. How can you prepare for a threat if you don’t know it exists? It’s like living in denial. Imagine if state officials in California denied the existence of earthquakes, telling the residents that all that shaking and movement they’re feeling is not a quake at all, but only the result of a few isolated troublemakers. This is what our government wants us to believe regarding terrorism. The latest example came out in a recent report concerning California’s power grid.

As reported in The Wall Street Journal, a 2013 attack on an electric substation near San Jose that nearly knocked out Silicon Valley’s power supply was initially downplayed as vandalism by Pacific Gas & Electric Co., the facility’s owner. Gunfire from semiautomatic weapons did extensive damage to 17 giant transformers that sent grid operators scrambling to avoid a blackout. It took a month for PG&E to repair the substation. Just vandalism, folks.

But the truth finally came out last week when a former top power regulator offered a far more ominous interpretation than simply a bit of vandalism: The attack was terrorism, he said, and if circumstances had been just a little different, it could have been disastrous. The attack “was the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.” If the attack were replicated around the country, it could take down the entire electrical grid.

Jon Wellinghoff, who was chairman of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission when the shooting took place, said that attack was clearly executed by well-trained individuals seeking to do significant damage to the area, and he fears it was a test run for an even larger assault. “It would not be that hard to bring down the entire region west of the Rockies if you, in fact, had a coordinated attack like this against a number of substations,” Wellinghoff said. “This [shooting]event shows there are people out there capable of such an attack.”

But the FBI is saying not so fast. Peter Lee, an FBI spokesman based in San Francisco, told the Los Angeles Times that although they are taking the shooting very seriously, they are not ready to call it an act of terrorism. “Based on the information we have right now, we don’t believe it’s related to terrorism.” He went on to say however, that “Until we understand the motives, we won’t be 100% sure it’s not terrorism.” Meanwhile, months after the shooting, the bureau has named no suspects. No suspects and no arrests. Reminds me of Benghazi.

The Times article goes on to say that even though acts of terrorism most often utilize hijackings, nuclear weapons, or cyber attacks, concern is growing that California may have come unnervingly close to learning that a major disaster might just as easily be inflicted by a few well-trained snipers with some knowledge of electrical utilities. And yet little is being done to protect against a repeat performance. Why?

“We’ve got a vulnerability and we’ve got to get serious about fixing it,” said Granger Morgan, who heads the Department of Engineering and Public Policy at Carnegie Mellon University. “Almost everything we do in modern society relies on electricity.”

Until the government begins to be honest with the American people, until they deal with terrorism realistically and seriously, we’re all in grave danger of a major hit. Here’s some breaking news for Barack Obama: The War on Terrorism is not over. There are terrorists being trained right now in Syria, which has become one of the largest breeding ground for them in the last few years.

Unless our government gets its act together, one of these days these zealots are going to hit the jackpot, big time. It’ll make 9/11 look like a minor skirmish. And all the king’s horses and all the king’s men and all the politically correct regulations and posturing won’t be able to put together the millions of lives that will be affected.

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