What is “Fitness” Inside Your Body?


By Anne Dunev, PhD,
Wellness Consultant

Dr. Anne Dunev.

Dr. Anne Dunev.

We know what being fit on the outside means good muscle tone, being strong and able to perform physical tasks energetically. There are levels to this, of course. But what does fitness mean on the inside? As a wellness consultant and nutritionist, my response is: you are as healthy and fit as your cells are. How do you know that your cells are healthy? The clues are as close as your own bathroom mirror.
First, check out your skin. Is it clear of all blemishes? Is the skin firm, and wrinkle-free? Is the skin tone even, and bright? Next, stick out your tongue. Is it light pink, without cracks or grooves? Is the tip of the tongue also light pink? Are your gums firm, pink and with no bleeding when you brush your teeth? Now look at the sclera (white part) or your eyes. Is the sclera white and clear, free of redness and irritation or any hint of yellow?
If you answer no to any of these questions, you have cells that are suffering. The outer tissues reflect the inner health. It may take a health detective to figure out where in the body the cells are in trouble. For example, the tongue is a barometer of intestinal health, and B vitamin deficiencies.
You can push the body by taking spin classes, and working out at the gym. But if the cells are not healthy, the body will wear out, leading to chronic disease.
Your body has 40-60 trillion cells. A billion cells are replaced every hour. Cells are made out of “building materials” like protein and minerals. Vitamins (vita-because they are vital to health) are “helpers” that unlock the process of building new cells.
The food you eat is the only place where the body can get the building materials to make healthy cells. If an essential element is missing, the body will make an inferior cell. That is the beginning of a disease state. Inferior cells cannot fight off infection, and organs and glands formed of inferior cells cannot function correctly.
Many conditions are not actual diseases, such as fatigue, insomnia, allergies, hormonal imbalances and mood imbalances, etc. But they are signs of deficiency, and can be helped with nutritional medicine and changes in diet and lifestyle. These days it is almost impossible to get all the nutrition you need from food because modern farming methods deplete the soil. The answer is not synthetic vitamins but whole food concentrates.
You can be “fit” inside and out at any age. Find out what your body needs, and have the energy and stamina you need to live the life you want.

Dr. Anne Dunev is a wellness consultant, nutritionist and naturopath at Lisa Benest, M.D. Dermatology (1624 W. Olive Street in Burbank). She offers complimentary 15-minute consultations in the office, which you can book by calling (818) 729-9149.

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