What Is 1Wrap?

“1Wrap” is a natural way to lose inches as well as pounds. It is organic and non-invasive.

“1Wrap” is a natural way to lose inches as well as
pounds. It is organic and non-invasive.

A natural way to lose inches as well as pounds has launched in a burst of organic well-being and non-invasive treatments in the form of 1Wrap. Blended with a potent formula packed with a range of natural herbal ingredients, the 1Wrap helps to tone, tighten, and firm, whilst promoting increased weight loss by dissolving and eliminating unwanted fat.

The complex science behind these slimming wraps that are proudly made in America encourages the depletion of excess fat and toxins. It is formulated with herbal ingredients that contain no parabins or preservatives. Once the excess fat and toxins have been depleted and flushed away, engorged cells will shrink back to their normal size, allowing for wonderful inch and weight loss. Combined with a system of proper nutrition, the wraps can help anyone to slim down and regain the confident glow they have been missed out on.

1Wrap has also teamed up with a number of Ultrasonic Liposuction practitioners in order to provide a comprehensive weight loss treatment, exclusive to a number of U.S. facilities. Without surgery bruising or scars, the treatment promotes slimming and detoxification, with immediate results which last as long as a healthy diet is maintained. The treatment is the perfect kick-start to a brand new healthy regime that is already being enjoyed by thousands across the country.

Whatever the reason for the weight loss, 1Wrap provide a natural and safe way to shed excess fat and get the figure of your dreams.

Visit 1wrap.com or call 1-800-489-9727 today!

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