What Is “Soulfully Sweet”?


By Tammy Johnston

 Sparky Thornton and Cassie Cohen are Soulfully Sweet.

Sparky Thornton and Cassie Cohen are Soulfully Sweet.

“Soulfully Sweet” is a family owned and operated business headed up by Certified Macrobiotic Chef and Counselor Sparky Thornton and his fiancé, Sous Chef and Artist Cassie Cohen. They are on a mission to make health food and education available to anyone at an affordable cost. They believe that a healthy lifestyle along with eating healthy, organic foods can have a global healing affect that could be the change the world is missing.

Chef Sparky received his certification through the world famous “Kushi Institute of Macrobiotics” in Beckett, Mass. Macrobiotics focuses on a person’s whole lifestyle as opposed to simply diet or treating a specific symptom. Because they have both experienced amazing, healing results firsthand, they teach a free cooking class once a month at “Full of Life” in Burbank, to share their knowledge.

Five days a week their meal service creates a beautiful and strictly organic array of grains, beans, vegetables, nuts, seeds, fermented foods, fruits, and sea vegetables. Together, the couple creates a flavorful, colorful palette of delicious organic foods.

After sampling the food, local Dr. Nathan Moon of AM Acupuncture & Herbs said, “I recommend this company’s food to my patients. This is natural nutrition.”

Soulfully Sweet services can benefit anyone from those who desire a proactive, peaceful, and healthy lifestyle to those seeking to heal cancer. They offer private or group cooking classes, for kids and adults, in your own home or theirs, as well as private health consultations, catering, and a weekly meal service. Their project TETO, take it easy take out, delivers affordable organic food Monday — Friday. To receive a menu, join their weekly email list, or for any questions email soulfullysweet88@gmail.com to order or call (818) 480-0247. “Soulfully Sweet – The Food You Were Born to Eat.”


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