What Is Your Secret Desire?


This time last year I had no idea that I’d be given the opportunity to write a weekly column for this or any paper. However, I was determined that 2012 would be the year I finally was going to give myself permission to write — somewhere, somehow, something. Was this my “New Year’s resolution”? Not really. I’ve never been into making resolutions because I presumed that if I made a resolution, I’d just be jinxing it and would probably break it!

My committing to write was actually a commitment to honor a deeply felt desire that I hadn’t allowed myself to act on for years. Why? Well, those insidious tapes in my head reminded me that other people have better things to say than I do; that I wouldn’t meet my perfectionistic standards; and that in some perverse way, I didn’t deserve an opportunity. All lies that I willingly bought into.

Last year, though, I reached a place in my life where I believed it was inherently wrong for me not to pursue my long held love of writing. Yet even holding that belief, I almost didn’t enter the columnist contest because I thought — what’s the use?!

Soon after entering the contest I dusted off a book I’d written but then put aside a few years ago. It is a guide for couples coping with trying to stay sane while planning their wedding. I eventually published it as an e-book with Amazon’s Kindle Publishing Program — and then wrote two more wedding-themed e-books!

A chance meeting with a woman who founded LikeLive, the web’s premier video interview service for colleges, led to her offering me a job as a blogger for the company. And yet another “chance” reunion with an old business associate led to my becoming a regular blogger with The Huffington Post.

I share this story not so as to boast, but rather to acknowledge, in wonder, what my commitment to honor my desire to write has led to. As a jaded New Yorker, perhaps I am most surprised that in the committing came genuine pleasure and from the pleasure came accomplishment.

I knew that I needed to write because if I didn’t, I’d be disrespecting a core part of who I am. This year I allowed myself to be reminded that life is worthy of my best. And why would it be worthy of anything less?

So, what about you? What long neglected desire do you want to commit to in 2013? How can you give yourself a new found respect and so offer life your best?

Don’t make a resolution, rather, simply take action — do that which you’ve forbidden yourself to do and whose time has come!

Please send your questions to JP Reynolds at: jp@jpr-communications.com

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