Where did Mary go?

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Question: How come the Mary Tyler Moore Show episodes are not in rerun? —Eleanor

In today’s digital age, many shows live on through streaming rather than syndication. You can still find many episodes of this beloved series. SundanceTV appears to be the only outlet replaying the episodes on a national basis (and then in the wee hours), and the first three seasons are currently available for streaming on Hulu along with other TV classics.

Question: My husband and I were watching an episode of Season 2 of The Sinner on USA and the naughty “F” word was said two or three times in a scene. Since when is it OK to use that word on a network channel? —Natalie

Matt Roush: The lines are blurrier nowadays, but USA is a cable network, and not subject to the content restrictions that still more or less apply to the broadcast networks. Even so, it hasn’t been that long since networks like FX or AMC (reliable envelope pushers) would edit out or mask the hardest of profanities, but now it’s fairly common. It was especially noticeable this summer on Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, a show about which I fielded many complaints about the excessive foul language— maybe not on the level of Deadwood, but enough to rattle a number of Western fans hoping for something a little less dark and profane.

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