Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf?

Takoda, Alaska and Shadow—Shadowland Foundations’ wolf-hybrid family.

Takoda, Alaska and Shadow—Shadowland Foundations’ wolf-hybrid family.

Paul Pondella and Colette Duvall have a unique story. They met and fell in love in June of 2008, and live in Valley Village. Paul is founder and CEO of Tree King Tree Service, Inc. “As a child, I built a three-story tree house in a huge Ash in my backyard, spending most of my time communing with both my passions: trees and wild animals.” He has a great respect for these growing giants that care for us by cleaning our air and providing cool shade.
During his 31 years in tree care, rescuing wild animals came with the territory. In the 90’s, he rescued two wolves. Caring for these magnificent, misunderstood creatures awoke a passion in him for this endangered species. In 2005, he adopted Shadow and Alaska, both female Alaskan Timberwolf Hybrids, and started training them to educate the community, especially children. “Children will grow up to write new policies and save the planet.”
In September of 2008, Shadow was diagnosed with cancer, the inoperable and incurable kind. Suddenly the dream was shattered. However, Colette, believing “There is a universal antidote for every condition,” set out to find one for Shadow. The brilliant team at CSU in Ft. Collins saved her life with brand new radiation technology and in her honor, Shadowland Foundation, Inc. was dedicated to wolf education (with a new addition to the pack: Colette’s Valentine’s Day present, Takoda; Shadow and Alaska’s brother).

For more information about their environmental contribution, please visit their Web sites www.shadowlandfoundation.org and www.treekingtrees.com.


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