“Who Do You Think You Are?”


Chi Gung and the Power to Heal

Come join Alan Lamb for a Chi Gung Energy Healing workshop on June 24 at SpiritWorks Cen-ter for Spiritual Healing.

Alan Lamb is aHong Kongtrained master (Sifu) of Wing Chun Kung-Fu and Chi Gung Energy Healer. He will be holding a Chi Gung Energy Healing workshop atSpiritWorksCenterfor Spiritual Living located at260 N. Pass Ave.in Burbank on Sunday, June 24, from 12 pm.–2 p.m. The price of admission is $20 per person, paid at the door (cash or check). Sifu Lamb is a leader in martial arts and better known for his remarkable teaching skills in the art of Wing Chun Kung-Fu. However, he also teaches Chi Gung and Energy Healing, which he has practiced for over thirty years. With the high prevalence of stress and disease in the world today, one of Lamb’s main focuses in life right now is to help others to heal, both emotionally and physically.

In part one of the workshop you will learn to empower yourself by accessing the healer within. Learn ancient Chinese postures and moving meditation exercises that promote the free flow of healing energy throughout the body to facilitate healing. Part two of the workshop will begin with the question “Who do you think you are?” and is an introduction to the Chinese art of reading face shapes.  Knowledge of your face shape allows you to determine your physical, energetic, and emotional archetype. With this information you can learn your inherent strengths, weaknesses, and possible predisposition to specific health challenges. Please wear comfortable clothing.

For more information contact Alan Lamb at (818) 841-4430.

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