Who Doesn’t Love Ice Cream?


Waffle cone and Barbara the winner!

After more than twenty years at this location, the Baskin-Robbins Store, located at 10563 Riverside Dr. in Toluca Lake (Wow – time flies!), the owners decided it was time to do necessary upgrades and renovations, so they had to close the doors to their many loyal customers to complete these changes.

On Saturday, April 14, promptly at noon, the doors were opened to the waiting crowd, and what a party! They entered the store under a welcoming rainbow archway of colorful balloons to admire the fresh new look of the store and the smiling faces of the staff waiting to greet them.

Outside, a talented lady began face-painting the many children waiting as their parents watched her fancy creations appear on their smiling faces while upbeat music played. Even a Baskin-Robbins person disguised as a Waffle Cone was at the curb encouraging those in passing cars to stop and share in this happy day.

There was a spinning wheel to offer many different free delights to each customer, and when it was my turn I was shocked to see I won the Bunny Cake! This celebration was repeated on Sunday as well to the delight of all attending, so stop by often to enjoy the many ways this Baskin-Robbins location can satisfy your love of ice cream! Share your comments with me at barbeedee@yahoo.com. Yum!

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