Why a Computer for Seniors?


If you’re a senior, don’t be afraid of computers. The Telikin is easy to use, and made especially for the novice.

Technology today has become so pervasive that most of us take it for granted. There are a large number of seniors that have never had the opportunity to gain computer skills. The concept of windows, drop-down menus, and task bars may be simple for experienced users, but rarely do we stop to think how confusing it may be for someone who has never used a traditional computer in the past. For many seniors learning computers, they describe feeling frustrated, overwhelmed, and lost.

To simply assume that everyone can, and should, learn to deal with these navigational intricacies in order to use the computer is unfair. Just because one person may want the ability to listen to music, shop online, and run a dozen other programs simultaneously, does not mean everyone wants or needs to do all of these tasks at once. A first time computer user should not be required to learn advanced computer skills to just check an email or read the news.

Computers for new users don’t have to be complex. The Telikin touchscreen computer was created, designed, and built for a different kind of user, one who wants an easier computer experience. It simplifies those aspects of computer navigation that are often frustrating and confusing for novices, while it retains the desired functionality of a conventional computer.

Technology should make tasks like staying in touch easier, and more fun; and everyone, including seniors, should have a computer that they enjoy using. Call Telikin now for a special offer at 800-717-3419.

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