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When not offering communication workshops or coaching clients, I officiate non-denominational wedding ceremonies. I love celebrating weddings as I get to share with people one of the happiest times of their lives. I also get to work with some of the most wildly creative people I could ever hope to encounter.

Last year, I officiated a wedding in Los Olivos. The couple hiredChadand Drew, owners of “Shade Tree Films,” to do their video. I recently got a copy of the wedding ceremony and was charmed by their work.

Curious to learn more about them, I wandered over to their website. Now, even though you’re not reading this column in the hopes of finding a videographer, I want to share with you their philosophy as I think they have something to say to anyone who’s in the business of dealing with people — and isn’t that all of us? On their “Core Values” page, this is what the guys list:

Generosity. We love working with couples who are givers. Couples who put their guest’s experience above details like centerpieces and place cards. We’re drawn to generous spirits.

Trust. We know this day is insanely important to you (as it should be). We also know you have a lot on your plate, and we don’t want to be one more worry of yours on your big day. We trust you to have the time of your life; you trust us to do what we do best: get it all on film.

Authenticity and Honesty. Couples who are honest with themselves and us and who bring their true selves every time we see them completely rock our worlds. It’s that rawness that tells the real story. And there’s nothing more beautiful than that!

Generosity, trust, authenticity.” I smiled when I read their take on these values because it suddenly all made sense — why I took an immediate liking to them, why I instinctively trusted that they were going to do a great job of capturing the ceremony, why I felt relaxed around them, and why the couple, who were from England and hired via a Skype call, knew that they were the team to share in the intimacy of their day.

These guys are artists, but skill alone doesn’t get you to the level they’re at in their profession. Core Values infuse everything they are and everything they do and I think it makes their work even more riveting.

What about you? What are your Core Values and how do they influence the way you present yourself to colleagues and clients? Is there a value you’ve not “valued” and want to cultivate? What’s stopping you? How would your life be different if you did cultivate that neglected value?

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