Witches and Psychics and Ghosts — Oh My!


By Marina Anderson

If you find yourself walking down a dark, spooky street on Halloween and you feel like you’re being watched, you may be! Ever wish you could see what others can’t? Well, local resident Sloan Bella can. You won’t find her meditating over a crystal ball talking in a thick gypsy dialect. Sloan is hip, funny, and to the point. A gifted “metaphysician,” expert astrologer and communicator, Sloan uses her abilities of clairvoyance, clairaudience (hearing words), and medically empathic clairsentience (she has the ability to pick up on medical problems) to help people and animals. Having the skill as a trained astrologer adds another dimension to her readings, which make an interesting and unusual holiday gift.

Got extra spirits you want to rid your house of? No, not your in-laws or alcoholic beverages (sorry), but those mysterious things that “go bump” in the night. Sloan communicates with those who have crossed over on “the other side” and has cleared many haunted houses of those pesky unwanted guests. Séance anyone?

I met this vivacious blonde about ten years ago when I needed some spiritual insight and guidance during my divorce. The experience was truly an eye-opener. There was an instant sense of relief in understanding why I was going through certain emotionally agonizing situations. This light-bulb “aha!” experience felt better than all the marriage counseling sessions I had gone through put together. Ever since, Sloan has been my “go to” when I need a different, more insightful POV on business or other situations if I’m feeling stuck. Her fresh, candid attitude always makes me laugh, which is welcome too.

Sloan also does readings for animals and has often worked with veterinarians to help determine the right diagnosis, and with animal rescue organizations to help find homes for adoptive critters.

A few celebrities Sloan has done readings for include Iggy Pop, Gregory Hines, Don Adams, Megan Mullally, and Cameron Diaz. She’s made many accurate predictions regarding dozens of other celebrities.

Sloan’s been featured and interviewed on many prime-time reality, talk, and radio shows including: Montel Williams; Jimmy Kimmel; Inside Edition; Bravo; Entertainment Tonight; The Other Side, which chronologically followed Sloan through her days and nights watching her work with street kids; The Love Psychic, where Sloan worked with host, Comedienne Ray Combs; USA Network’s Psychic News; VH1 Rockstrology where she successfully predicted the breakup of Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez; Fox Network show Sensing Murder; and Bravo’s House Busters. Recently aired, Sloan participates in the E! reality show Married to Rock with Josie Stevens, Etty Lau Farrell, and Bravo’s Million Dollar Listing.

Inside Edition’s Jim Morret interviewed Sloan about her experiences as being the last psychic to the late Anna Nicole Smith and how Sloan experienced Anna’s death prior to it happening and the subsequent haunting of her home by Anna.

Sloan has been quoted in celebrity magazine Life and Style regarding communication with the late Kurt Cobain, TLC’s Bermuda Triangle, and NBC’s Golden Globes Live with Julie Moran predicting 2010 winners. She’s also been written about in several books and celebrity biographies, the latest being my own book David Carradine: The Eye of My Tornado, a memoir about my life with ex-husband, the late David Carradine.  Yowza!

So for this Halloween, you might want to entertain the daring thought of getting a reading. If you do, check out Sloan Bella!

For more information or a reading, visit sloanbella.com.

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