Yet Another Side of Kristin Chenoweth on ABC’s GCB


Kristin Chenoweth.

The new ABC series GCB, premiering Sunday, March 4, seems to be created to grab the fans of Desperate Housewives, which is in its last season. Both feature sexy women who are connected by their neighborhood, but GCB has super-sized it and put the gals in Dallas, Texas. It’s based on the book Good Christian Bitches, but even just using the initials for the title of the show is stupid. With all the creative minds at ABC, there is no excuse to be that crass. Come on, you’re better than that.

That said, one of my favorite people, Kristin Chenoweth, is part of the show, and shows a whole new sexy side to her multi-talented bag of tricks. She plays the unpopular-teen-turned-diva-of-Dallas, and is part of a great cast that includes Leslie Bibb, Annie Potts, Miriam Shor, Jennifer Aspen, Marisol Nichols, and David James Elliot.

Chatting with Kristin about the show she called “an all out comedy,” she told me, “I love being a villainess. I love that it’s a very different part for me to play, but it’s fun when I get to say what I think. And the wardrobe is so over the top. The shoes are pretty great. I might have taken one or two pairs home.”

Her character Carlene is looking for sweet, funny revenge on Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), who comes back to Dallas when her husband and fortune are gone. Amanda was the bully-queen-bee when she and Carlene were growing up, but now the tables have turned and Amanda is the target of the grown-up mean girls.

Kristin grew up in the South, a proud native of Oklahoma, who said she got revenge on a girl that used to bully her in school by simply turning her away. She explained, “I just had a concert where one of the mean girls from my hometown in Oklahoma showed up at the stage door, and they said, ‘So-and-so is here,’ and my assistant — who heard me tell stories about her — and I said, ‘I think not!’ It felt so good. I mean, I’ve moved on, but, maybe not a little bit. I try to be a good example. But it did feel good to let so-and-so not come back.”

Another experience for sweet little Kristin was dealing with a bully in school “who kept telling me she just wanted to beat me up because I was ‘so happy.’ And I kept telling her, ‘I’m not worth the fuss.’ But she was probably my worst nightmare. She was a real bully.”

So it’s nice to say that Kristin is nothing like her bully character, because she’s seen its effects from the other side.

Although she won an Emmy for her recurring guest-star role as April Rose on Glee, Kristin said, “GCB is my main priority now.” But she will be finding time for other things, such as concerts. She announced, “I’m going on tour during May and June all over the United States and Europe. It will be everything I do, dancing, singing, opera, musical theater, county, original material, all of it.” Yes, Kristin Chenoweth does it all.

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