Burbank not veteran friendly


I’m a Vietnam veteran who has rented an apartment in Burbank for more than 20 years. For the first time since I was discharged 48 years ago, I recently applied for a VA home loan.

The condos or homes in Burbank that are VA approved and appear affordable to my wife and I are scooped up by people with a ton of cash who outbid us every time. The seller’s plan is simple: offer a reasonable price knowing it will attract a crowd of buyers who compete with each other.

In a perfect world there would be a website where veterans both selling and buying homes could network with each other. If a veteran is selling their home they would offer it to a fellow veteran at market value.

Perhaps I am naive to think fellow veterans wouldn’t be far more interested in making as much money as possible rather than extend a helping hand to a fellow veteran who is only looking for their piece of the American Dream. Yet whenever I am at a VA hospital we all tend to look out for each other.

My wife and I have given up looking to buy a home around Burbank. This is no place for veterans.

Tom Neuhoff, Burbank     

‘Comical Week’ needs reviewing

Anyone who reads Howie Fox’s “Comical Week in Review” (Tolucan Times) column can quickly see that irreverent humor is his stock-in-trade. He’s not politically correct. He’ll say just about anything to get a chuckle—or a groan, as the case may be. Fine. But his closing joke last week was low humor, even by his standards: “Did you hear ESPN is having the biggest purge since Karen Carpenter was alive…”

A gifted singer died at 32 after a losing battle with a deep-seated eating disorder. Is that really fertile ground for a funny zinger?

-Paul Grein, Studio City

(Grein is a music journalist and historian who occasionally contributes to this publication.)

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