Crosby’s alternative facts?


I guess Greg Crosby doesn’t know that the Catholic Church stopped venerating St. Valentine in 1969 because there is actually not very much known about him other than legend. (Crosby’s Corner, Feb. 8). The Church made the same decision regarding St. Patrick and St. Christopher years ago.

It’s not secularization; it’s called fact checking.

-James Handy, Studio City

The Right has been silenced

One month into the Trump presidency and he has accomplished what the Left has never been able to do—silence the Right. And it is unfortunate.

Where can we start to analyze the Trump residency?

When he looks straight-faced into the camera and lies about the murder rate in the country, voter fraud, his inflated electoral college win or charging the free press as purveyors of fake news?

Maybe the firing of General Michael Flynn from Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency for lying to the FBI?

Or the seven current Congressional committees investigating his Presidency?

What about conflicts of interest with his D.C. hotel, the membership in his private club or the licensing of the Trump name in China?

What about the security costs to protect his wife and son in New York, his son’s business trips to Dubai and Uruguay or his weekly trips to Florida?

Instead, Jason Chaffetz, Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, has subpoenaed a former Hillary Clinton aide on her personal email server. I guess the Congressman failed to notice President Trump taking the news of the North Korean missile launch over his private android phone—which can easily be hacked.

We have an opportunity at this time in history for the voices on the Right to speak up and either turn this Presidency around or stop it.

-Kevin Anthony, Studio City

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