Crosby’s Corner, “We’re All Eloi Now” on Feb. 5


Greg Crosby writes, “Food stamp recipients have increased by 51.3% since 2008.”

Yes, it has increased dramatically from the downfall of our economy that President Bush left our country in with millions losing their jobs in 2007.

It was the beginning of the worse recession since the Great Depression and it will take more then five years to recover.

Thankfully we have a government that can and will help feed those that were affected by their loss income. We spend billions in Foreign Aid, why should we not help our own in troubled times?

I agree there are deadbeats that have learned to take advantage of the loop-holes in our welfare system, just work one day in retail and a welfare office and you will see the ones that have been biting the hand that feeds them without any sense of guilt.

— Nina Trotta-Sutton

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