Dear Mardi Rustam,


Dear Mardi Rustam,

I have been reading The Tolucan Times for many years, and have always enjoyed reading it – even dating back to the era of The Valley News and Green Sheet!

When I retired from customer service manager at AT&T 12 years ago, part of my daily routine was to pick up your paper before lunch on Thursdays and read it from cover to cover while enjoying a leisurely lunch and not having to worry about rushing back to work.

I still look forward to Thursdays and to see my local news from your paper. You have the diversity of a much larger paper and I appreciate you allowing all points of view! As we know, our community has the two extreme poles on many issues!

I remember several years ago, you wrote about your memories of your own mother in the Mother’s Day issue. It still sticks in my mind with the love with which it was written!

I had the pleasure of meeting you several weeks ago right outside the office as I was picking up my latest issue, and was able to tell you of my appreciation of your efforts and that I had always planned to write you a letter. You said, “Well, why don’t you?!” So, here it finally is!

Thank you for an excellent paper and for being an involved citizen in our great community. I still send my dad in Minneapolis many articles, which at 87 he really appreciates!

Also, as you may remember, I mentioned in our meeting I hope that when you get up to Montecito, you are able to read their local paper, The Montecito Journal. It is almost as good as your paper.

God bless you and your sincere efforts.

Gregory Ryan

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