Dear Tolucan Times staff,


This is a love letter… The Showboat Youtheatre absolutely loves The Tolucan Times. The staff is so kind, caring and courteous. As director of the Showboat Youtheatre, I have been approached by a number of papers asking for advertising, etc. The Tolucan Times is, by far, the most considerate. They actually listen to their customers and do their best to accommodate them.
I was delighted and surprised to find a banner on the front page about our wonderful summer camps, without any prior selling or pushing. This is the sort of extra mile that The Tolucan Times is willing to furnish their customers.
So I say a loud, resounding “thank you” to the paper that cares. May you live long and reap the blessings of your kindness!

Ann Monahan, Director
Showboat Youtheatre

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