Dear Tolucan Times Staff,


(In regards to Nadia Eftedal’s Rhythm Room cover 8-12-09)

Dear Tolucan Times Staff,

Your cover feature on August 12, “Nadia Eftedal’s Rhythm Room Brings Ballroom to Kids,” inspired us to attend an event where Nadia’s students gave a demonstration. They were superb! Nadia’s kids performed beautifully. Nadia and her teachers are to be congratulated! Thank you for your article, and for letting us know about Nadia’s Eftedal’s Rhythm Room. We really enjoyed the show.  

P. Piponniau

(In regards to Caren J. Gafni’s cover 8-05-09)

Dear Tolucan Times Staff,
The exhibit was quite a success! Thanks to The Tolucan Times, it was enhanced by a very enthusiastic and overwhelmingly receptive audience.
The music and dance performers added more cultural bravado to the event. And we have not begun to discuss the delectable appetizers and yummy desserts! Several people spoke to me that they came to VIVA [Art Institute in Sherman Oaks] because of the article [written by Adréana Robbins]in The Tolucan Times. 
Thank you Adréana, and to the newspaper, for a wonderful exhibit.

Caren J. Gafni, Artist


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