Dear Tolucan Times Staff,


I am writing to sincerely thank President Obama for lifting funding restrictions on embryonic stem cell research. I am 57-years old and was diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease 10 years ago.
Ten years ago, doctors told me that a cure was 10 years away. Now doctors are saying that a cure is 10 years away. Because of Obama’s recent decision, maybe this time it will be true.
While I appreciate the action that President Obama has taken, I recognize that the funds critical for Parkinson’s research cannot come from the government alone. That is why I have chosen to participate in, and fundraise for, the Parkinson’s Beach Brigade Walk-a-thon on April 26th in Santa Monica. Registration is $25 and all contributions support scientific research. I urge others to visit and help fund research for a cure.

Thank you,
Mark Siegel
American Parkinson’s Disease Association
President, Los Angeles Chapter

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