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I moved out of the Toluca Lake area 20 years ago. I remember the neighborhood newspaper as a reasonable, ethical local news source. Boy has it changed.

You as editors should realize more than the average citizen what this administration – or the  “straw man”  – yes it is he who is the “straw man” Greg Crosby speaks of in his column (Crosby’s Corner, Aug. 29) is doing to respect for the press. Freedom of the press is one of the foundations of our democracy and is what has kept this country informed and kept its citizens seeking forms of honest government.

But what is going on in our nation presently, emanating from the White House, is disgraceful. It is disgraceful to try to manipulate a population into discrediting journalists.

I have never, in my 78 years as a citizen in this country, witnessed such dishonesty, such disgraceful, disrespectful, unworthy-of-this-office behavior. And that a “journalist” — if that is what you call Mr. Crosby — would support the kind of childish, whiny behavior we are seeing from Mr. Trump on the pages of your “news” paper is beyond my understanding.

-Sally Stevens, Studio City

I read “More fake news” by Greg Crosby (Crosby’s Corner, Aug. 29.) It’s a very biased article written by Crosby against our American press. He states they are, “fake news and the enemy of the people to discredit President Trump.” It is known worldwide President Trump has been doing a fine job discrediting himself.

To President Trump it is fake news when he is not flattered by the press or by anyone who criticizes him.

Yes, most journalists are liberal which is beneficial to the American public in reporting with an open minded the view of reality and corruption that exists in our government today.

-Nina Trotta-Sutton, Simi Valley


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