Genghis Khan exhibit rules!

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I went to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library’s exhibit of the famous Mongolian Genghis Khan and was absolutely floored by the detailed learning experience I had. But more than that was Zana Gankhuyag, dancing ethnically, of such demanding physical agility I have to consider him the best dancer I have ever seen since Rudolf Nureyev. This was followed by the musician Togi, who handled a two-stringed horse hair instrument which I shall best describe as a long violin, which used both bow and fingers together to produce music totally unfamiliar to the American audience. Then, to take our appreciation to unfathomable heights, he played “Ave Maria” by Franz Schubert to utter perfection.

Then, the cherry on the icing, were the passports — as old as Khan’s era itself. I found a gold lettered bronze one, in particularly memorable because it said, “Let pass or die.”

-Pat O’Connor, Pacoima

Doesn’t need approval

The August 8 Crosby’s Corner, “At it again” about liking what the columnist writes, struck a chord with me. The solution: I write for myself, utterly disregarding what others might approve of in the way of topic! That way, I am always pleased with my effort, done with the full knowledge that 99.9 percent of humanity is likely to ignore anything I say in print almost 100 percent of the time! To do otherwise, is to court disappointment, disillusionment and, perhaps, dishonor!

-Richard Cathcart, Burbank

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