Greg Crosby Column, 8/24


In 1982, I remember reading a San Francisco newspaper on the outbreak of AIDS in the gay community of homosexual males. It was only known then by the Medical Association that it was a “Homosexual Disease” and how it was contacted.

A year or two later, it was discovered by the Medical Association that heterosexuals were also coming in contact through blood transfusion, saliva and contaminated needles.

We should be thankful that the public was made aware by the information of new findings from the Medical Profession.

Unfortunately, many children and heterosexual adults have died of AIDS before this fact was discovered.

The AIDS epidemic would have been worse if the public was not alerted and made aware, nor informed of how this horrible and deadly disease could spread and be prevented.

And you had to write a column stating, “We the people have been lied to about AIDS by the government, media, liberals and celebrities.” Your assumption was they were being “politically correct not to single out one group and turning the facts upside down.”

I believe you have been hiding under a rock. 

Nina Trotta-Sutton

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