Guilty until proven innocent?

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I always enjoy reading your columnist Greg Crosby. But I cannot stand your immature cartoonist Rob Botts (Tolucan Times, Oct. 3). No, we should not believe anybody accusing any citizen of a crime, especially with no evidence whatsoever. That is why we have trials in this country, something the democrats now do not believe in.

If the Brett Kavanaugh case went to trial years ago, he would be found not guilty based on no evidence. In fact, the case would not even go to trial based on no evidence. In America it is not guilty until proven innocent. This is why I never vote democratic anymore.

-Robert Clark, Chatsworth

Remembering Langston Hughes and William Saroyan

I enjoyed reading your fine columnist Greg Crosby’s compliments on our country’s finest authors and poets (Crosby’s Corner, Important American writers, Sept. 19). He mentioned all of them except two that I enjoy: the great Langston Hughes and William Saroyan. I hope your readers read these fine authors’ books. Check them out at the library.

-Melissa Cohen, Sherman Oaks

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