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Dear Editor,

My hat is off to Sean Waldron for taking issue with Greg Crosby (March 31, 2010). For too many years our neighborhood paper has been spoiled by Greg Crosby’s column. His weekly vitriolic rants and diatribes stain this otherwise quaint paper. I hope the Rustams realize that Crosby’s kind of fear mongering and hate have no place in The Tolucan Times.

W.R. Powell
Toluca Lake

History Repeats Itself

Dear Tolucan,

I read with gratitude and relief Sean Waldron’s article “Welcome to Hope and Change” (March 31, 2010), a thoughtful and intelligent rebuttal to Greg Crosby’s angry article “Welcome to the Obamanation” (March 24, 2010).

In 1960, I was a freshman in college, and a group of us in my dormitory watched the Kennedy/Nixon presidential election results on television. The audience was probably equally divided between the Kennedy and Nixon camps, though none of us were old enough to vote at the time.

One group of the students were avid Nixon supporters and over the next three years voiced at every opportunity their disapproval of President Kennedy.

In November of 1963 many of us were again watching TV, glued to the running and re-running of Abraham Zapruder’s videotape on the screen. Regardless of political persuasion, we were shocked, horrified, and even heartbroken that something like this could happen in America.

Suddenly, into the same room marched the avid Nixon supporters. They formed a chorus line dancing, cheering, and celebrating Kennedy’s death—such joy in the face of such tragedy. We were all aghast at the hatred they contained and were able to express so freely.

Of course, the taunts, racial slurs, and property damage after the passage of health care reform reminded me of how dreadful some people can still be even after all these years. Thank you, Tolucan Times, for placing Mr. Waldron’s article in such a prominent place in the paper. I do hope Mr. Crosby reads it.

Mary Grindal
A Socialist Plot?

Dear Editor,

Greg Crosby’s hysterical rant against Obama’s health care bill is disgusting. I wonder how he feels about children who have died because their health insurance companies refused to pay for life-saving surgery. And the cancer-stricken woman whose husband lost his job and health insurance—she subsequently died because she couldn’t afford to pay for chemotherapy.

Is Greg Crosby okay with that?

With his pathetic and embarrassing attempt to link Obama with Socialists, Marxists and Communists, Mr. Crosby has forgotten two important vents in history.

In 1935, when President Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act, Republicans called it a “Communist takeover” of the United States.

And in 1966, when President Johnson signed Medicare into law, Ronald Reagan (Greg’s hero) referred to it as socialism.

I don’t know how old Greg Crosby is, but if he receives a Social Security check each month, it should STOP immediately! After all, Greg’s beloved Republicans described Social Security as an evil Communist plot to enslave all Americans.

Mr. Crosby also doesn’t deserve Medicare—because Ronald Reagan called it “socialized medicine.”

Patricia Nolan Stein
Healthcare For All

Dear Editor,

The column in the April 14, 2010 issue of The Tolucan Times by Greg Crosby, entitled “ObamaCare is Unconstitutional,” struck the wrong chord with me.

Crosby wrote that he is not a “constitutional lawyer.” This is obvious or he would not write such nonsense.

First of all, the United States Constitution has nothing to do with healthcare of the reform thereof. While our founding fathers did very well in drafting the Constitution, they lived at a time when health insurance was not a consideration.

Car insurance is mandatory; why should healthcare not be mandatory?

Obviously neither Greg Crosby nor many Americans know what “socialized medicine” is. It has nothing to do with Russia. It has everything to do with everybody paying into and everybody receiving medical care. It has worked and continues to work very nicely in Europe and in Canada. If they tell you that people from those countries come to the United States for treatment because they cannot get the treatment in their own country, it is not so. There will always be people who can afford to come here to receive and pay for treatments they want or need. This is not to say that the United States does not have the most sophisticated and modern techniques and ability for medical care. It has to do with the changes by insurance companies, doctors, and hospitals.

President Obama has shown the courage to pursue something that no other president has been able to do. Keep in mind, President Obama does not need to do this for himself. He and the senators and congressmen have the best possible coverage at our expense.

The very sad thing about the passage of the health care bill is that it has been changed from a simple procedure to form a health insurance company that will insure anybody for an affordable rate, to a monstrosity by virtue of the manipulation by our lawmakers. It was never the intent to change health care coverage for anybody who wants to choose his own insurance company.

More than 70 years ago the United States should have adopted a health care program that benefits all of its people at a fair price. We are lagging behind many countries in the world that have done better for their people. We need to move forward now.

Very truly yours,
S.R. Bullington

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