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I love to read columnist Greg Crosby every week. He is the first and best thing I read in your paper. I don’t know why there is always some sourpuss to write in and complain. Crosby simply states the facts that are unfortunately going on today. There is no one else in all the major newspapers where you can get these facts.

-Melissa Cohen, Van Nuys

I always have to laugh when I read liberal anti-Trump letter writer Nina Trotta-Sutton’s letters. She criticizes columnist Greg Crosby for condemning the anti-Trump protesters. He was not criticizing their right to protest, just all the hatred, anger and violence of the protests. The leftists are only violently protesting because they are still upset that he won the last election, close but fair. These fools should just try and convince the American people why the president should not win the next election instead of hurting innocent people who simply voted for Trump. Not letting them sleep peacefully at home, kicking them out of restaurants, making their lives a living hell. This is totally un-American.

Thanks to President Trump, we are enjoying the greatest economy ever. Minority and women’s unemployment is at an all-time low. The stock market is setting records. The economy just grew at over four percent. Businesses are coming back to the U.S.

-Robert Clark, Chatsworth

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