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I enjoyed the [Greg Crosby’s] “Taking Issue with Popular Speech“ column. My two annoyances, in addition to those in the column, are “awesome” and the finger wagging quotation marks. It’s bad enough that this sloppiness is so pervasive, but I now find people my age (60) using them.

I also wonder about clapping (applause) in the U.S. Sometimes, in social situations, if I say something that people agree with, they will actually applaud me. To me that is truly strange. And let’s not even mention the standing ovation, which means nothing any more.

Sad but true.

— Barbara

I love reading that fine American Greg Crosby in your paper. I find it a shame that some dislike where this man is coming from. How “offensive” could it be writing about when times were so good in this Country and how some things have so deteriorated. I praise Greg Crosby.

— Melissa Cohen

I look forward to “The Tolucan” every week, but find myself skipping to the “Nite Lites” column written by Pat Taylor to be my first reading.

In her play reviews, she has inspired me to be a fan of local plays enjoying them all; I want to thank Pat for getting me out to the “Nite Lites.”

— Nina Trotta-Sutton

I extend my thanks to the staff for the wonderful St. Paul’s layout in the Education Issue. I appreciate your helpfulness and expertise in completing the project!

— Rendy Koeppel


PG&E recipients of million dollar bonuses, stock options, and other excessive executive compensations, over the years when funds where diverted, neglecting underground gas pipelines, now must help pay the costs of injury, death, and destruction.

Republican and Tea Party leaders, those wanting to mix church and state, those wanting to privatize Social Security, as well as these PG&E recipients, will likely oppose this opinion.

— John Bauer

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