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In response to Greg Crosby (Crosby’s Corner, “The Hysterical Left,” July 18), again he is wrong for exaggerating the protesting of President Trump—destroying properties, rioting in the streets. Trump constantly engages in bullying, nasty name calling, insulting those who disagree with him and our allies. As president he has set the horrible example with all mentioned above. His hatred has divided our country. He is the one to blame, not the intelligent people that voted against him who now have the right to protest. We detest everything he is doing, setting our country back 50 years.

-Nina Trotta-Sutton, Simi Valley

It was sad and disturbing to read two letters (Letters, July 18) complaining about Greg Crosby’s recent column. They are only whining because they can’t stand Crosby’s truth-telling columns that are right on target. He was factually correct on his column about Hillary, Pelosi and riot-inducing and very mean-spirited Maxine Waters. Why does reporting on those folks cause so much anger from the so-called “tolerant left?” And Crosby is not “spewing hate,” just reporting the true facts about what our current society is turning out to be, sadly.

-Lynda Wadkins,
North Hollywood

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