No ‘Hope’ for Ryu

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I heartily agree with Barry Tirdell’s recent letter (Feb. 7) criticizing L.A. Councilman David Ryu for his efforts to ignore the Bob Hope family’s wishes concerning the disposition of their property. Ryu’s attempt to grab the Hope estate as a historical landmark is a slap in the face to a late, great American.

As a service veteran who had the privilege of seeing Hope’s (USO) show, I am especially grateful to him for what he has done for America’s people in uniform and for his support of so many charities. Hope did so much for his country. What has Councilman Ryu really done for anybody?

-Ken Green, Burbank

Letters about our letters

Your two left-wing letter writers were way off base in Letters (Feb. 14). First, I am always perplexed by the logic of Nina Trotta-Sutton. She criticized great American columnist Greg Crosby when he wrote about three famous Democratic politicians patronizing their black audiences with their phony black imitations, and then unfairly criticized President Trump for his speeches. Trump did and does not patronize minority audiences. Only Democrats do and get away with it for some strange reason.

And Mr. Flyer—so many inaccuracies in his unfair letter. President Trump was correct in saying there were good and bad sides in Charlottsville. Some good folks were protesting the removal of Confederate statues, which the evil and leftist Antifa illegally destroyed after the march. And they are the ones to blame for most of the violence. And the president’s tax cuts are going to be great for Americans and the economy. Look at the hundreds of thousands of bonuses and rise in pay so far.  And next year, the standard deduction will rise to $12,000. This will be great for the middle class.

I am not rich, but when the wealthy get tax breaks in this country, great things happen with the economy and employees.

-Lynda Wadkins,

North Hollywood

This is in response to a tirade in your Letters section (Feb. 14) complaining about Greg Crosby’s column. This person was allotted four columns of venting. I won’t take up that much space.  I just want to say: Greg Crosby’s column is one of the best parts of your newspaper, if not the best part! (And no, I am not his mother!)

– Barbara J. Massey, Burbank

Great things happening

I read and enjoyed Greg Crosby’s column about President Trump (Crosby’s Corner, Jan. 10). I wholly agree with him. Also, I would like to add some more pertinent facts about some great things happening to our country since we fortunately elected Mr. Trump.

  1. The U.S. has seen the largest tax cuts since 1986 – great for the economy and the American worker
  2. Repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate
  3. Consumer confidence is highest since 2000
  4. More than 1,000,000 jobs created
  5. Median household income at a seven year high
  6. Unemployment lowest since 2007
  7. Issued an executive order for religious freedom
  8. Created a commission on child trafficking
  9. Encouraged our country to once again buy American and hire American
  10. Dept. of Treasury reported a $182 billion surplus for April 2017 (second largest in U.S. history)

-Robert Clark, Chatsworth

Super Pelosi

I’m thrilled that I can now see the Black Panther film. It should be great. And if Marvel solicits our opinions for its next superhero, I know someone with heart, dedication and stamina: House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, who recently delivered a seven-hour speech in support of immigrants. This, while wearing four-inch stilettos!

-David Tulanian, Las Vegas

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