Not so comical

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I found Howie Fox’s “joke” regarding Astros player Yuli Gurriel particularly offensive with the line “Yuli claims the press is putting a slant (emphasis added) on this story.” (Comical Week in Review, Nov. 1) Mr. Fox furthers Yuli’s racist gesture by adding his own.


-Gary Lowe (via email)

Howie Fox responds:

Sorry you took it that way. It’s intended as satire, irony or whatever, but not meant to be racist. Plus, the last use of the word is taking that word to mean something else: a particular point of view from which something is seen or presented.

Once again I’m sorry that it didn’t come across this way to you as racist jokes are not my intention.

Going green in our schools

School Garden Projects are becoming increasingly popular across the country due to their educational, environmental, and health gains and I say it’s time Toluca Lake Elementary enjoys the benefits. These projects establish gardens in schools, used for place-based learning, hands-on experiences, and environmental education. Improvements have been noticed in children’s knowledge retained, relationship with nature, and behavioral issues. One of the most profound examples of this is from a middle school in our own state.

Martin Luther King Junior Middle School exchanged asphalt for dirt over 20 years ago with their Edible School Yard program. Now, instead of keeping their heads in textbooks, MLK students learn outside, building hills to learn about erosion and growing plants to understand photosynthesis. As student minds expand so do their self-esteem, confidence, and capacity for responsibility. Parents and teachers have been astounded by the academic and behavioral changes in their children, even citing that the gardens have improved their family and community relationships.

Schools with gardens use them in every class, not just sciences but history and English. Studies have found that gardens are one of the best teaching tools, captivating student attention through involvement and leaving a lasting impression.

-Lily Esposito, New York (raised in Toluca Lake)

How to get published

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