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I read with great dismay the irresponsible column by Greg Cosby (Crosby’s Corner, Mass drugs = mass killings, Sept. 6) that simplistically and erroneously connected mass drugs with mass killings.

SSRIs (selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors) have helped far more individuals suffering from depression and anxiety than led to homicidal incidents. The true culprit behind these murders is mental illness that has not been adequately addressed coupled with the easy access to guns which give individuals the ability to impersonally murder.

Mental health treatment has been deinstitutionalized in this country with the hope that psychotropic medications can address — at considerable cost-savings — severely ill individuals. Obviously, without adequate monitoring merely taking such drugs is not the answer.

Your columnist conveniently fails to address how easily guns can be obtained in this nation even by those with problematic mental-health histories, while blaming groundbreaking medications for the actions of a select group of disturbed individuals.

– Alison Stateman, West Toluca Lake

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