RE: Crosby’s Corner, “Gender Neutral?” 1/23


No, Mr. Crosby, I do not hate you. I will not take out my pitchfork or tar and feathering paraphernalia.

Yes, you are a homophobe. It is impossible to say “homosexuality is not normal” and not be. You have a right to be a homophobe and I would never want to take away your right to be such. I am sure you would feel better just admitting to being a homophobe. It would probably do you some good.

I am glad you feel so “normal” yourself as to call millions and millions of gay people “not normal.” You should do yourself a favor and look up some of the “abnormal” gay people over time that have contributed much more “normal” things to the world than hatred.

If you believe homosexuality is a “choice” you are sadly ignorant and uninformed.

Gay marriage does no harm to anything or anyone except your homophobic preconceived prejudicial ideals.

Gratefully your attitude is in the minority now and in the future even your grandchildren will be going to gay weddings and celebrating the love between two individuals.

By the way, I often show Eric Blore (the entire subject of your Jan. 16 column) movies at home and agree that he was absolutely priceless. I am also a big fan of his and anytime you want to come over and hang with a bunch of “abnormals” you are more than welcome!

Have a nice day!

Gerald Baker

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