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By Nina Trotta-Sutton

In response to “Crosby’s Corner” by Greg Crosby, Article July 13, 2011 —
In your article “Sleaze in Office,” you failed to mention other “Sleaze bags—Yuk Politicians“ (your article named only three):  

  • Governor Mark Standford of North Carolina, adultery
  • Senator John Ensign, adultery
  • Governor Rudy Guiliani,   adultery
  • Senator David Vitter of Louisiana, solicited prostitution
  • Councilman Mark Foley, pedophile
  • Senator Craig of Idaho, pedophile and soliciting sex in a public restroom
  • A congressman from New York, lewd acts on Internet
  • A congressman from Livingston, sexual photos on Twitter
  • A New York governor, solicited prostitution
  • Congressman Newt Gingrich,   adultery

Greg’s Response

She says I only mentioned three politicians; I mentioned six including Larry Craig, which she puts on her list as one not mentioned. I also made a point in my article of saying that, although there have been many, many cheaters in office, the ones I highlighted are even worse (for reasons I stated) than the run-of-the-mill adulterers. That was the whole point of the piece.

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