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I read Mr. Crosby’s column and felt sick. His tongue in cheek thoughts on teaching the Fair Education Act rules in California schools are a sign that we as a nation and a neighborhood still hold deep set discriminations and hates.

Mr. Crosby could go one more step, since his writing skirts around it.

Let’s delete the Jewish conflicts in WWII and the supposed ideas they were put in camps and killed, the African American’s slavery issue, the Japanese internment camps of WWII and the Chinese who were brought into this country to build our railroads in the 19th century. He could go on and list every group who fled from their homeland and came to America for a better life of freedom and self expression.

By deleting these and many others’ struggles and works from our history books, we will have much more time in our schools to discuss what the War of 1812’s importance was to our nation and the many other subjects that are discussed in Mr. Crosby’s writings, which he thinks are better taught in our schools than the hate and prejudices and discriminations and the effect those items have had on our country’s growth, greatness and love.

Robert Thorson

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