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Dear Mr. Crosby,

After reading your article “Getting Personal” I have one question: Is there another Mitt Romney running for president that we don’t know about?

Let me state that I believe both Republicans and Democrats are responsible for the disastrous path this country has taken. I also watch a variety of news stations to make sure I get different points of view.

The Mitt Romney I have viewed is very stiff, very robotic, is neither humble nor scrupulous, and in my opinion hasn’t a clue to what the average person has to deal with on a day-to-day basis. I do not begrudge anyone wealth. Nor do I begrudge any woman lucky enough to be able to be a Housewife, a truly underrated and very important vocation. But this is not the life of the average family. Over the last several decades, the middle class has become severely weakened by governmental policies, forcing the average family to depend on two incomes. In the more recent time Fed policies have contributed to weakening the middle class even more by keeping interest rates ridiculously low. Trickle down economics does not work because of one little word – greed.

I believe most of the social programs should never have been started. But we are after all the UNITED States. These programs are here and we should focus on fixing them and work towards eliminating them — not just pull the rug out from under people like the Romney/Ryan approach. What’s the difference between wanting to help the less fortunate or those down on their luck and giving huge subsidies and or bailouts to corporations?

The double standard comes in many forms. If Obama were white, would Birthers exist? Would the Minority Leader of the Senate openly state that, “The single most important thing to achieve is for President Obama to be a one term president.” He might just well have said, “We are going to purposely undermine a sitting president (which is exactly what they did) because we’re sore losers and we don’t want to play if we can’t have all the marbles.” Would the Republicans spend time and huge amounts of money working so hard to sway and even fix the election? The tax issues are a whole nether letter.

This Republican Party is not the party my father embraced many years ago. And while I don’t believe Obama has all the answers, to paint Mitt Romney as the one who has, brings me back to my original question: Is there another Mitt Romney to whom you are referring? Because the one I know of scares me.

— Marilyn Moss

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