Shame on Dwain

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Dwain Wilson of Echo Park was way off base in his remarks regarding great American journalist Greg Crosby (Letters, June 28). There is no shame in The Tolucan Times publishing Greg. He is a fine journalist who stands up for American values and patriotism, which is much lacking in today’s increasingly leftist and secular society.

The attacks on President Trump and his family are disgraceful, and Barack Obama and his family never had anything close to that thrown at them every single minute. What Obama and the IRS did to silence conservatives illegally, President Trump will never do to his leftist, hate-mongering America-challenged critics.

-Lynda Wadkins,
North Hollywood

United we stand, divided we fall?

Columnist Greg Crosby’s commentaries about hate and poison in America are spot on. We have become a nation of two different sets of people. We are divided, and no divided nation can stand for very long. Folks, please think about this when you call each other vile names. And also reflect on the words of Winston Churchill: “Intelligent people attack the argument or the philosophy; only fools and schoolyard bullies attack the speaker and resort to name calling.”

My long time friend and I were at odds when Obama ran for a second term. We got into very heated arguments. Then he said to me: “If I’m sick, President Obama won’t drive me to the hospital, but I know you will. And when you need help moving furniture, Mitt Romney won’t help you–I will. Neither of us can change the world nor each other’s thinking. So let’s set politics aside and remain good friends.”

He was so right! Or should I say “correct!”

-Ken Green,

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