She’s all shook up

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You were able to create for us a beautiful front cover and story layout for our latest show-—thanks to everyone! (Fun for the whole family April 13-22 at El Portal Theatre, March 7). I am “All Shook Up” just looking at it!

-Pegge Forrest, Managing
Director, El Portal Theatre, North Hollywood

A weighty issue

In response to the article about being fat by Cassandra Appleby (7 things your fat friend is tired of hearing, March 7), Cassandra is a beautiful full-figured woman, as am I. I agree that remarks made by people completely based in ignorance and bad manners are simply not acceptable. It is easier for many people to criticize others rather than to take a look in their own mirrors. Rudeness seems to be a social disease.

However, when people say they are concerned about your weight, it is a legitimate concern. There is a false sense of security in people when they do not address weights of 30, 40, 50 and even 100 pounds over average weight. Even when you’re young, the heart and organs are being stressed.

Last year, a good friend of mine lost a niece at age 39, who had been overweight. She had a fatal heart attack.

When someone’s behavior becomes bizarre due to alcohol or drug use, it is obvious and people who care will try to help with some form of intervention or discussion. Being overweight can be just as dangerous but you never see it coming until it hits you between the eyes.

-Marguerite Fair-Kosciewicz, Burbank

Makes no cents

On page 10 of your March 7 issue, the ad from longtime advertiser Color Images, again, continually and unnecessarily places a decimal point in front of two numbers that are meant to designate cents, 25 and 4. Doing so designates a fraction of a cent, not a fraction of a dollar. Obviously, that punctuation is only used when the dollar sign precedes it. Without the decimal point, the cent figure/image follows the numerals.

By the way, I’ve used the services of Color Images and rate them excellent.

-David Walstad, Studio City

An agreeable reader

I enjoy reading The Tolucan Times, most of all I love reading the great columns of Greg Crosby. That is the first thing I read and agree with him on everything he writes. It is sad how times have changed in this country, but it is nice to see how great things were from reading his columns.

-Raphael Padilla, Van Nuys

Life in La La Land

In response to Robert Clark’s letter of Feb. 28 giving reasons for and credit to President Trump’s accomplishments in his 14 months of presidency: Clark must be in “La La Land” for this most ridiculous un-fact: “Dept. of Treasury reported a $182 billion surplus for April 2017.” If it were true, and it is not, how can that be credited to Trump—only in office then for four months?

-Nina Trotta-Sutton, Simi Valley

How to get published

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