Standing up for Trump

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Reader Nina Trotta-Sutton is 100 percent wrong (Letters, July 12). There is no comparison between the mean spirited and unfair attacks on President Trump and any other president in history. That is a fact. Other presidents have been criticized, but not nearly as much and in such a vile and disgusting way that Trump has unfairly treated.

And just because Obama was more “eloquent” and mild-mannered, does not make him better for the U.S. Obama has done more damage to this country than perhaps any president. He made the IRS do the illegal acts they did. He personally interfered in a foreign election (in Israel) where he tried to defeat their Prime Minister Netanyahu. Where was the Democratic outrage over that?

-Lynda Wadkins,

North Hollywood

It is a shame that Democrats unfairly criticize President Trump, especially from California, a once great state that they have put into the gutter. It wasn’t President Trump who unfairly made us the highest taxed state in the nation. He didn’t make us a sanctuary state and keep violent illegal criminals here. The Democrats have ruined our public school system, are responsible for the out of control rents and housing costs, higher crime rates and forced vaccinations for young children, making some sick and even dying.

– Linda Williams, San Diego

Appalling Tolucan opinion piece

I used to enjoy reading The Tolucan Times. It was always a fun neighborhood newspaper. But after reading the opinion piece written by John K. Adams (July 26), I’m appalled. He describes the behavior of liberals post-election but what I really feel is that he is trying to rationalize his own horror at realizing the current president is a nut job.

He can blame us tree-hugging wing nuts and blast Hillary, but any president who hires a “Mooch,” cusses at a Boy Scout jamboree, and makes an ass of himself on a daily basis, can’t be taken seriously.

-Rebecca Olkowski, Burbank

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