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I just read the really nice review that Tim Lydeen did of my Beatles show (Powerful Brenda Silas Moore’s ‘All You Need Is Love’ salutes Beatles and more in Studio City, Apr. 4). I want to thank him.

Thank you as well for help in placing the ad. If I get a chance to do it again, I will definitely advertise with you.

-Brenda Silas Moore,
Los Angeles

Too little, too late?

Los Angeles City Council member Paul Krekorian believes that the city can build its way out of the homeless problem (Valley View, March 28).

The so-called 222 Plan calls for all council members to build 222 housing units, funded by Measure HHH, in their respective districts by 2020. “If we all take this on,” he writes, “we will create a minimum of 3,330 supportive housing units across all 15 council districts in that time.”

What Krekorian forgets is that population outstripped the supply of affordable housing, thanks to decades of massive, poorly controlled immigration, legal or otherwise.

Today, 38 million people live in California, which is projected to have 65 million people by the year 2050. Tell that to activists and politicians who want amnesty, so-called free trade and open borders.

-Les Hammer, Pasadena

There is another choice

There’s an option to Newsom or Villaraigosa profiled in Jim Matthews’ editorial (Guest Editorial, Which city—San Francisco or Los Angeles—do you love to hate more?, March 28). Both gubernatorial candidates’ liberal agendas would continue California’s decline resulting from high taxes, sanctuary for criminal immigrants and stifling regulations that cause businesses to relocate to other states with resulting loss of tax revenue to fund out-of-control spending, bringing California closer to bankruptcy.

Past voting patterns favor Newsom, so our best strategy is to vote in the primary election for the strongest candidate most able to defeat Villaraigosa, which is John Cox. Then we would have a better choice in the run-off election.

The Cox platform not only resolves burdensome taxes, sanctuary for illegals and anti-business regulations, but his fourth pillar is to prevent liberal groups from ending Prop 13. This should rally all property owners to vote for Cox, regardless of party affiliation.

-Carmine Divas, Studio City

An Easter story

The article by Greg Crosby regarding the Easter Bunny is full of misinformation (Crosby’s Corner, Spring things you might not know, March 28).

First, Crosby copied the Easter Bunny story word-for-word from the Internet. They have books about the Easter Bunny in Germany, and he collects the eggs from the chicken coop, simply because he is small and can run fast. The eggs are painted by all the bunnies in their underground “studio” and loaded into a basket that the Easter Bunny can carry on his back. He then distributes  the eggs to the children who have been good.

-S.R. Bullington, city withheld

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