Theatrical thanks

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Thank you for the great spot in your paper for my article (Jan. 31, page 2). Last night’s show (“Hidden” on Feb. 7) was beyond my wildest expectations. Thank you for being part of it!

– Heather Herington, Whitefire Theatre Solofest

Thank you for sending me a copy of The Tolucan Times with my ad in there (“Help Me! Call Angel Binkie” Jan. 31). I love it! It looks wonderful. And you placed the ad in such a terrific spot in the newspaper. Thank you so very, very much!

– Linda Larson, Whitefire Theatre Solofest

Crosby complainers

Greg Crosby’s list of irritating annoyances (Crosby’s Corner, Jan. 31) mentions his annoyance of those who take on an accent that is not their normal way of speaking.  He mentions President Obama, Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden as examples when speaking to a black audience. That gave me a belly laugh. Why not include the annoyance of President Trump’s irritating manner speaking to any audience, including his limited vocabulary and childlike bullying of his opponents and members of Congress with insults of derogatory name calling?

-Nina Trotta-Sutton, Simi Valley

I am writing in response to Mr. Greg Crosby’s column on January 10 entitled “What did Trump do in his first year?” In summary, he humiliated the Office of the President and diminished the nation.

Despite the long list of questionable accomplishments that was offered by Mr. Crosby, some of which were short on full disclosure and therefore absent of complete honesty, President Trump has done nothing to demonstrate that he is fit, capable, competent or responsible enough to hold this high office.

Let’s look at this first year.

In the first place, President Trump’s reversing of anything placed in the field by President Obama is not governing.  It’s not responsible. It’s not choices based on thought but is instead acting only on the cheapest of political motivations.

Over the past year President Trump has dedicated himself to removing access to healthcare for millions with his war against the Affordable Care Act, the closing of clinics and the reinstatement of the Global Gag Rule.

He has presided over reckless environmental rollbacks. He claims to champion religious freedom and then demands a religious ban in his immigration policies. He is withdrawing the United States from a position of leadership in the world opening the way for nations such as China to step into the void of leadership and trade along with placing nations such as Germany to be the leading Democracy that is engaged with other nations in common goals.  He has made our word as a nation worthless as demonstrated with our withdrawal from the Paris Climate Agreement.

He promotes an irresponsible and dangerous ego driven game with North Korea bringing us to the brink of war. His signature “accomplishment,” his highly bragged on tax scam, made him and his family, despite his campaign promises and pledges to the contrary, a great deal wealthier, while the middle class and the poor were thrown as a percentage no more than peanuts that are also set to expire.

He declared his completely immoral and indefensible core values when giving cover and comfort to White Nationalists following the protests in Charlottesville.

His habit of issuing Presidential statements via Twitter has revealed a disheveled and disconnected mind.

His self serving, sloppy, irresponsible, un-American and anti-Democracy attacks on a free press will be the most permanent scar he will leave on this nation as his need for self preservation brings him to the lowest of levels and in step with the tools of dictators rising in power. He goes even further with unwarranted and reprehensible attacks on our Intel Community along with the FBI seeking a life ring in their demanded demise.

Over the past year this President has also used this myth of fake news to avoid a crucial development in our election process, the facts of Russian interference in our elections.

Mr. Crosby declares that President Trump could do so much if only the Democrats would work with him, a remark that is enormous in its Chutzpah in the face of years of zero cooperation from conservatives during the Obama administration.

– Lloyd E. Flyer, Burbank

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