To the Editor, Jim Briggs, and the Tolucan Times in general

Thank you so much! We appreciate incredibly the effort put forth by the Tolucan Times (in your November 10 issue) to foster and enhance the local artistic community. Gaining press as an independent artist is a tall order, so every opportunity is greatly valuable. The review published in the Tolucan helped bolster our repertoire of press articles, and was simply another essential source of exposure within our local community. As a band, we are focused on developing a strong local music scene, and having a local, yet nationally respected, publication do their part to contribute to that goal is something that makes the future of the music industry that much brighter.

Thank you also to Jim Briggs, who took his own time to listen to our album with an open mind, and express his opinions honestly.

We can never repay all of you enough for your support.


Chris, Ian, Rob, Eddie, and Jason
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