Wake up America

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What a big mess America has made of its politicians who only care for rich folks (Crosby’s Corner, Aug. 30). Yes, poverty and homelessness will continue to grow as long as America imports goods from other countries making the rich richer and denying jobs for Americans. So wake up to reality.

-J. Kaye, Sherman Oaks

The writer emigrated from France in 1949.

Great column by Greg Crosby (Crosby’s Corner, Sept. 20). He is right. The left is destroying our country over time, our youth especially. And they have done it without firing a single shot. That is what the former Soviet Union wanted many years ago. We are destroying ourselves from within. Glad we have President Trump at the helm.

-Melissa Cohen, Van Nuys

Kudos go to Greg Crosby for revealing the truth about what’s behind the unthinkable mass killings which began circa the Columbine, Colorado shootings (Crosby’s Corner, Mass Drugs = Mass Killings, Sept. 6).

It was discovered then that these teens were prescribed heavy psychotropic meds. Contrary to reader Alison Statemen’s claim that these drugs do more good than harm (Letters, Sept. 20), real evidence and statistics prove that to be totally false (get the facts at CCHR.org).

Additionally, these SSRI meds were proven to be so dangerous that drug companies were forced to add a “black box” warning to their products informing users of the likelihood of side effects which include: suicidal thoughts, psychosis and death!

As for guns being the problem, citizens have had guns for centuries yet never have we seen the type of massacres that have become more frequent since Columbine. This rise in statistic parallels the rise in psychotropic prescriptions given to people who have been “diagnosed” with one of the myriad “disorders” voted into existence by members of the American Psychiatric Association.

Psychiatry is a total failure. Since its beginnings in Leipzig, Germany in 1879, insanity has steadily increased, never decreased. Not exactly the mark of an effective “science.” Guns don’t kill people; insane people kill people.

-Randall Tobin, Burbank

Columbus Day no more

On Monday, October 9 most of the U.S. commemorated Columbus Day. Unfortunately, the L.A. City Council (where I live) voted 14-1 to abolish it because 500 years ago, the council claims, he was tried for slavery and mistreatment of the indigenous people.

What they don’t understand or care is that only 180 years ago their own party, the Democrat Party, committed genocide against America’s indigenous people known as the Choctaw, Chickasaw, Seminole, etc. Maybe they haven’t heard about the “Trail of Tears” where thousands of these indigenous peoples were rounded up by the newly formed Democrats from their southern homelands and forcibly marched hundreds of miles (where many died) to Oklahoma territory.

Why? The Democrats selfishly wanted the land to grow their cotton, tobacco, etc., using black slaves to do the labor. My question to the council: are you exercising your typical hypocrisy or stupidity? The Democrats have a very sordid past in regards to indigenous and black people.

 -Lynda Wadins, N. Hollywood

What year is this?

Just read Greg Crosby’s column (Crosby’s Corner) in the October 4 issue. I’m astounded that in late 2017 he is still suggesting that climate change is an idea being pushed by the “Left” and not backed up by multiple scientists and researchers.

He also brings up the “homosexual agenda” and disasters during the Jewish High Holy days as possible signs that “God” is upset and possibly being vindictive. He ends his column with suggesting less “bad activity” and maybe more people following the Ten Commandments.

His columns have often left me with my jaw on the floor. But since it’s towards the front of the paper, it becomes increasingly more difficult to care about what’s in the rest of The Tolucan.

-Kathy Cronin via Facebook


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