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Re: Julia Louis-Dreyfus as the VEEP [Frank Barron’s March 21 column]

While Ms. Dreyfus may portray the first female vice president in the new HBO series VEEP, there already has been a female president on TV. Patty Duke portrayed President Julia Mansfield on ABC’s Hail to the Chief from April to July 1985.

But it gets better: From May 1987 to April 1988 on FOX, George C. Scott played Mr. President, so there have been two sitcoms featuring the president.

Now hear this: There has also been a TV series that ran from Feb. to Sept. 1953 called Meet the VEEP. It was a weekly NBC News interview with former Vice President (under Truman) Alben W. Barkley. And in the entire history of the United States, only one man, Barkley, has ever been known as the VEEP. Not Nixon, not LBJ, not Humphrey, not Agnew, not Ford, not Rockefeller, not Mondale, not the senior Bush, not Quayle, not Gore, not Cheney, not Biden.

Only Alben W. Barkley and now Ms. Dreyfus as Selina Meyer.

Rick Rofman

P.S. – While Ms. Dreyfus says she knows Vice President Al Gore, I went to college with Vice President Joe Biden, when he was a first year law student at Syracuse and I was a grad student. We frequently had dinner together on campus. When I told him I was from Pennsylvania, he exclaimed, “I’m from Delaware!” Our homes were 30 miles apart.

Thanks for the article about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream – have been buying it up in the store, going to their stores and enjoying it ever since you informed me about their political interests.

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