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The article and photos look terrific! (“Burbank’s Christmas Corner offers magical international treasures,” Nov. 14.) Thank you!

-Kristopher Kyer, Christmas Corner,


Thank you to writer Laura Voeth who came and reviewed our play Middle 8 last week (“‘Middle 8’ is world’s greatest rock band you’ve never heard of at Stella Adler Theatre through Dec. 15,” Nov. 14). We loved the review and are very appreciative that she came out. Thanks so much!

-Chris Martin and the entire “Middle 8” team, via email

Poor word choice

I was very surprised and disappointed to see that the word “retarded” was not only used in the article but was also highlighted in large print for the featured quote in the Nov. 14 edition of Crosby’s Corner.

That word is not politically correct and should not be used ever- especially when speaking about something trite as men wearing a certain type of shorts after a certain age.

-Anthony Ramos, via email


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