A True Music Collaboration at The Greek


By Carlos Sanchez

Shana Halligan smiles to the adoring fans. The Greek a proper venue for a music Goddess.

Shana Halligan smiles to the adoring fans.
The Greek a proper venue for a music Goddess.

The day we had been waiting for had arrived — Shana Halligan, Thievery Corporation, and Morcheeba were set to perform at The Greek Theatre. The legendary music venue was inspired by the Greek temples and built in 1929 in the great city of Los Angeles, a place where creative collaboration is essential to success.

My friends and I began celebrating as soon as the bars opened their doors on that Friday afternoon of Sept. 20. We drank in anticipation of a memorable night of true music, and we made sure to get to The Greek on time in order to catch the opening act — the sultry and sensual music goddess, Shana Halligan.

Many of us recall Shana as the lead singer and songwriter of the stylish band Bitter:Sweet. Over the last three years she has been building a fan base from the ground up as a solo artist. She took to collaborating with many musical luminaries like her friend Serj Tankian (System of a Down) and Grammy-nominated dance guru Morgan Page. A few others include Thievery Corporation, Marc Collins (Nouvelle Vague), Charles Webster, Wax Tailor, Carmen Rizzo, and Alex Cowan (Alice Russell & Let the Machines Do the Work).

When collaborating, the give and get is sometimes hard to perceive. However, when it’s a good partnership, everyone benefits. It’s like riding a wave upon which all ships rise … which brings me to the siren.

Goddess Mass Arousal at The Greek with Shana Halligan on stage.

Goddess Mass Arousal at The Greek with Shana Halligan on stage.

Set List for Shana Halligan:

  1. “Private Meeting”
  2. “True Love”
  3. “Unusual Day”
  4. “Mating Game”
  5. “Repaved”
  6. “Bitter Sweet Faith”
  7. “Illuminate”
  8. “Dirty Laundry”

They say some women can seduce a man with just a look from across a room. However, a siren does it from across a shoreline or atop a stage with just a haunting and sultry voice. But in watching Shana, one cannot help being enveloped by her captivating aura. And it’s this collaboration of voice and imagery that made her live set unforgettable.

The highlight of the night for many was another collaboration, Thievery Corporation’s “Is It Over?” from the album Culture of Fear. The music video for the popular track features a cameo from Shana, and the performance of it on The Greek stage was a harmonious and visceral experience.

The entire night was entrancing — and with this type music, that’s the idea. However, with Shana, we were transfixed. Whenever she was on stage, the crowd’s attraction to her intensified, and she convinced us the feeling was mutual. This was yet another collaboration. She thoroughly entertained us and we helped energize her performance. In science they call this a feedback loop. In math, it’s recursiveness. In live music, I call it mass arousal — and when it’s good, it’s a harmonious and visceral experience.

Connect with Shana via her website: shanahalligan.com

Become FB friends at: facebook.com/ShanaHalligan

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