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Buy original music and support your favorite artists, clockwise from top l: “Crosby Skills & Nash” by Caitlin Crosby & Jay Nash; “Gossip in the Grain” by Ray LaMontagne; “Songs For Japan” by Kings of Leon; “Inside the Box” by Nereida; “Come Around Sundown” by Kings of Leon; and “Longing To Belong” by Eddie Vedder.

Imagine you spend an hour today chopping wood. You exert yourself and break a sweat wielding an ax in order to produce a stack of firewood that will last you for the next week. Now imagine someone walks up to the stack and takes what they want from it, stealing from you as you rest after all your hard work. How would you feel?

What if: Instead of firewood, you spend days carving and crafting that wood into a table, which you smooth and polish to perfection. Now imagine someone walks up and takes that table—steals that table from you. How would you feel?

I imagine you, like anyone else, would be hell-bent on revenge.

The wood chopping, carving, and crafting is an analogy for the work a musician puts into making music, music that is all-too-often stolen via the Internet in this, the digital age of music.

The Facts:

  • 95% of all music downloads are illegal downloads.
  • 20 billion songs are illegally downloaded worldwide every year — Those illegal downloads attribute to an estimated $12.5 billion every year

If you download music illegally, you’re probably ready to stop reading this article. Maybe you’re already gone.

If you’re still here, you’re probably scoffing or laughing at this, another attempt to wag a judgmental finger at an illegal action too many individuals have come quite accustomed to. After all, it takes a mere click of the computer mouse and a manageable download time to net the latest album by a favorite artist or that critically acclaimed debut everyone’s talking about.

It’s so easy.

No, actually it’s so wrong.

To put it bluntly, if you’re downloading musically illegally, you’re a thief. You’re walking into a store and shoplifting merchandise. You’re breaking into a home and robbing someone of his or her belongings. You’re pulling a heist every time you search for, locate, and download music illegally. You’re looking at a piece of art and stealing it.

If you’re still scoffing or laughing, you need to face the music. You’re downloading because you love music. You’re downloading because music brings something to your life that you appreciate and cherish. You’re downloading because music inspires you and sets the mood for your day.

Yet, you’re stealing it.

This begs the question, what are you spending your money on if you aren’t spending it on the music that you appreciate, cherish, the music that inspires you, the music you love? If you’re downloading illegally, you obviously have a computer. You have an Internet connection. You’re playing that music on stereo equipment and on MP3 players. Did you steal all that too? Did you walk into a store and shoplift those things? Did you break into a home and rob someone?

Don’t laugh. Don’t scoff. Face the music.

The Facts:

  • Buying music supports the artist.
  • Buying music fuels the music industry.
  • Buying music is 100% legal

After reading this article, you can do two things. You can remain a thief, or you can change. You can show your appreciation for the music you love and pay for it. There are countless ways to listen to music on the Internet in order to determine what music you want to add to your cherished collection. After sampling and determining what music is worthy, pay for it. Simple as that. Pay for that artist’s download. Buy that artist’s CD.

Face the music. Support the artist. Fuel the industry. Act 100% legally.

Start today.

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