Embrace the Hollywood Dream: Nina Bergman


Profile of a music goddess, Warner Bros. recording artist, animal
rights activist, actress, and supermodel Nina Bergman.

Since I was a child, I always aimed high with dreams far above the reality I was living, constantly eager and full of desire. That’s how I found myself walking underneath a colossal sign that read “Hollywood.”

I will now tell you the TRUE story of how I met one of the most talented and utterly gorgeous artists. One lucky day, while in my boxing class, I saw a beautiful girl who looked like a rock star. Her energy level and star quality were intoxicating. To be quite honest, her beauty and attitude intimidated me at first. She looked tough — the kind of girl you don’t want to mess with because she might either kick your butt or break your heart, maybe both at the same time.

Eventually, I asked my boxing trainer to ask her if I could photograph her for my portfolio. I mentioned the vision I had for the shot — I wanted to make her a rock star! My trainer laughed and informed me that she was already a rock star. He said her name was Nina Bergman and that she was the lead singer of the band Dead Rose Beauty.

Of course she is, I thought. I knew it. I begged him to introduce us, and he did. And to my delight, Nina agreed to collaborate with me. I must take this opportunity to thank Andre Brooks, my former boxing trainer, for the connection.

Before the photo shoot, I did my homework and discovered Nina was originally from Denmark and she had been in several movies, music videos, commercials, and TV shows since relocating to Hollywood. Her musical journey began in collaboration with producer and long time friend Peter Stengaard. The union proved to be a success and quickly put a spotlight on Nina.

As you know there are new forms of royalty in today’s world. These days it’s often bestowed onto you as a result of what you do in life. And there’s no greater example of this than Nina. She sings and fans worship her. A music princess was born.

Nina’s eagerness continued to open doors. She came in contact with the world famous Paul Anka. They struck up a musical friendship and he became her manager. This led to recently signing a multi-album deal with Warner Bros. Records. Paul Anka got Nina signed and co-manages her with Jeff Battaglia over at “Irving Azsoff” management (the biggest music manager in the biz). Nina is finishing the final details on her debut album expected to be released 2013 and get back with her band to do some local shows before the tour starts. No exact dates have been released yet.

BREAKING NEWS: Nina is currently working on a movie project portraying a comic-book character (an Amazon warrior). For the last three months she’s trained 4 hours a day, 6 days a week on martial arts, immersing herself into the new character. It’s a highly confidential project that she’s very excited about, so stay tuned for details at n-i-n-a.com.

Yet more reasons to adore and embrace HOLLYWOOD.

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